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UACCCI Ministries

Independence, Mo


UACCCI Ministries

Rev. Dr. Howard McFarland Administrator – Lead Bishop



From the Office of UACCCI Ministries, We want to say that we APPRECIATE all of our Pastors, Ministers, Chaplains, & Counselors,  for what you are doing for KINGDOM BUSINESS.

Reminder:  All Renewals are due in February of each Year, not the Month that was issued. Your Issue Month will be on LGS that we send you. Please send in Renewals before the first week of February through the Payment Link on Website, via PayPal or Cash App

This Month, I want to Share in my Blog

This Month, I want to share in my Blog, UNACCEPTABLE WORSHIP Amos 5th Chap.

We are looking into Amos 5; the whole Chapter is a great study; however, I want to

especially look at the latter part of Chapter v. 21-27.

We all know that the Bible says in:

John 4:24 AMP God is spirit [the Source of life, yet invisible to mankind], and those

who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."

Here God is speaking through His prophet Amos; God was voicing indictments and

announcements of judgment. It is made clear that the people "love" to worship. They

do all the right things in their worship: festivals, solemn assemblies, offerings of various

sorts, hymn-singing with musical accompaniment.

The depth and breadth of God's rejection of Israel's worship are conveyed in emotional

ways (hate, despise), volitional (no acceptance), and sensory (smell, touch, sight,

hearing). God holds his nose, shuts his eyes, and plugs his ears! Interestingly, the text

does not state that God's rejection relates to idolatry or insincerity. As 5:24 makes

clear, the issue is the disjunction between worship and life. The people do all the right

things in worship, but their daily lives are not characterized by justice and

righteousness. The lack of the latter results in God's rejection of the former!

Worship God Rejects (21-23) How their worship was unacceptable:

1. Gatherings (21) – Conferences and conventions. Mountain-top experiences.

 2.Offerings (22) –Lev. 19:5-7. No mention of sin offerings because they lacked


3. Music (23) – Vocal and instrumental.

God expresses his hatred for religious hypocrisy. Without moral transformation, worship

is rejected.

Today, we see that many people go through the motions of worship; however, there is

no moral transformation. There are Church's that are more for entertainment than for

preaching & discipling Christians. Christianity has always been covenantal. You are

either in or out of relationship with God. Your relationship with God doesn't cease when

you leave the church doors.

Worship God Accepts (24-25)

•v.24 Justice = Social morality (outward)

•Righteousness = Moral principles (inward)

•Worship is not limited to corporate gatherings.

•v.25 Does Amos expect a negative or positive response? They would've declared,

“Absolutely!" But it wasn't personal.

Justice and righteousness would be abundant and constant.

•This was an excellent verse for Martin Luther King, Jr. to refer to frequently during his

civil rights speeches where many Christians were blinded to the injustices. Sacrifice

without a covenantal relationship is pointless. They might as well be offered to an idol.

We must worship God exclusively and wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, Amos has already

made the case that Israel has done neither for the most part.

God rejects hypocrisy but accepts worship that springs from the heart.

Worship God Expels (26-27)

Astral worship was warned against in Deut. 4:19; 17:2-5.

They were guilty of superficial worship as well as false worship.

God would send them into exile at the hands of the Assyrians, those who worshiped

these same gods. God would essentially hand them over to their idolatry.

•Romans 1:24-25 God hands sinners over to indulge in sin. This in itself is a picture of

his judgment

We cannot play with worship. It is not a rare thing. It is not partial.

To possess a misunderstanding about how God works is a misunderstanding about

God's nature and character.

There is a real spiritual battle taking place. Striving for the theological precision and

exposing damnable heresies that may not be politically correct or socially acceptable,

but it is loving!

Jesus didn't refrain from harsh warnings. Failing to warn others who have a false view

of God is a sin of omission. One of Satan's most excellent tactics is to silence Christians

with fear of offending. Unfortunately, we live in a culture that is far too easily offended.

Now is not the time to be quiet.

I want to let you know that we here at UACCCI never want to fall into idol worship or

not preach the truth of God's Word. That is what we train Men & Woman the

uncompromised Word of God, to divide the Word of Truth rightly. We will continue to

do so until Jesus returns.


Rev. Dr.Howard McFarland